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Friday, October 03, 2008
Sunfire Hits New Heights with the Ultimate Media Server Solution

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 3, 2008

Leading luxury home theater brand offers premium, scalable media server/client system with enterprise-level reliability

CEDIA '08, Denver, Co - Sunfire, a specialist in the design, manufacture and marketing of home theater goods for the custom specialist and retail markets, debuted a cutting–edge server solution befitting the company's luxury reputation. The Theater Grand Media System is a high performance, modular and scalable media server for music and movies with storage options ranging from 1TB up to 6TB.

The TGM-100 system is as easy to use as it is sophisticated. Customers easily load their entire collection of DVDs and CDs onto a highly reliable, enterprise-level storage solution. Artist, album, genre, film, director, even cover art, are downloaded automatically using Gracenote® online metadata - making it a breeze to sort through extensive collections. A stunning, animated TV interface provides intuitive and instant access to the collection – all at your fingertips from the comfort of your favorite seat.

Best-in-class video performance upconverts the users existing DVD library to near-HD 1080p quality. And with the system's scalability and TGM-100C client version, they can enjoy the same experience in up to 7 different rooms in the home – truly a videophile's reason to celebrate.

In addition, the server features a dedicated DVI output with a Graphical User Interface for intuitive third-part controllers such as the ELAN Via touch panels. Because of its easy integration, the Theater Grand Media system will be available to select ELAN dealers.

Storage Solutions
Whether you're looking for a music only system to store your precious CD collection, or an enterprise-level multi-terabyte solution for mixed media including music and movies, Sunfire has a solution.

The TGM-HD1 is a 1TB, RAID 1 system that offers single redundancy backup for smaller libraries.

For larger collections and even more robust backup, choose from 3TB and 6TB options that can store up to 900 DVDs in one chassis (TGM-HD3 and TGM-HD6, respectively). Enterprise-grade RAID 6 hard drive solutions, fully customized for the CI industry, bring critical application performance only seen in financial, medical and scientific markets.

This platform boasts dual redundant hardware that creates a real-time backup of your precious library. Dual redundant, field replaceable power supplies, fans, and hard drives ensure that that the system will be ready to entertain when you are. And scalability means that you are able to increase capacity as your library (or family) grows – up to 1,800 movies and beyond.

What's more, both the 3TB and 6TB systems feature intelligent remote diagnostics. This early warning system alerts the user and dealer of important system conditions – in many cases preventing problems before they occur.

Co-developed with Imerge, a recognized world-leader in server solutions for more than a decade, the TGM-100 utilizes over 10 years of media server hardware and software development experience, delivering industry-leading audiophile and videophile performance. The TGM-100 and its complementary products are designed to set new benchmarks against which all others should be measured.

In addition to the TGM-100, Sunfire also offers the TGM-100C client. All models are available to order now and will be shipping in Q4 2008.

The Sunfire TGM-100 and peripheral models will be on display here at CEDIA at the Sunfire booth # 610 in the Colorado Convention Center. Sunfire personnel will be on hand to demonstrate the system and explain its exciting features.

TGM-100 / TGM-100C Theater Grand Media Server/Client Features:
  • STORE your entire collection of DVDs and CDs on a system that is as easy to use as it is sophisticated
  • ACCESS all of your media using an intuitive high resolution TV interface – stunning widescreen display provides access to your entire collection of music and movies – all at your fingertips from the comfort of your seat
  • VIDEOPHILE 1080p cinematic experience – best-in-class video performance upconverts your exisiting DVD library to near-HD 1080p quality
  • CLASSIFY your music and movies (inc. CD/DVD cover art). Artist, album, genre, film, director, and more are downloaded automatically to make it a breeze to sort through extensive collections
  • SCALABLE for up to 7 simultaneous independent video zones (server/client system). Queue up SpongeBob in the living room while you rock out to a live Pink Floyd concert DVD in the theater
  • REMOTE monitoring and diagnostics
  • AWARD-winning integration platform (XiVALink protocol via IP, RS-232, IR)

TGM-HD3/6 Theater Grand Media Hard Drive Features:
  • BACKUP - dual redundancy power supplies, fans, and hard drives make the system the most reliable on the market
  • SCALABLE hard drive options from 1TB to 6TB offers both flexibility and scalability to tailor user needs now and well into the future
  • INTELLIGENT remote diagnostics alert user and dealer of potential system problems

About Sunfire
Founded by renowned audio innovator Bob Carver, Sunfire designs, develops, manufactures and markets the smallest, most powerful speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers in the world. Sold in over 65 countries, Sunfire combines unconventional thinking with precision engineering to create innovative theater products that deliver exceptional performance – whenever, and wherever, they are heard. Carver's thirty five years of scientific research have resulted in numerous patents including the Tracking Downconverter™ power supply used in the company's receivers and amplifiers; and High Pressure, High Back-emf technology found in the company's speakers.

For media inquiries, interview requests and appointments during the show, please contact Peter Hoagland at (540) 349-9648, (703) 989-3680 Mobile or by email at Peter@Hoagland.us. Complete information on Sunfire, its products and technology, is readily available at www.sunfire.com

About Imerge
Founded in 1997, Imerge, headquartered in Cambridge, UK, is a recognised pioneer and leader in Internet-connected multi-room home A/V media appliances. Products include the XiVA™ Media Appliance Software & Reference Products, licensed to many worldwide leading multi-room AV consumer electronics companies, the revolutionary SoundServer range of multi-room hard disk audio servers and the MS5000 Hard Disk A/V MediaServer, which are based on this technology. Imerge is part of the Nortek Group of Companies.

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