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Theater Grand Receiver - TGR-401

Take a look at the most powerful receiver in its class – Sunfire's remarkable TGR-401. With its beautiful new design; long list of premium technologies and features unheard-of for this class of product, the TGR-401 is a tale of 'bests' and 'onlys', rich with true Sunfire DNA.

Let’s start with its best-in-class power capabilities. At 200 watts from each of its seven channels, the TGR-401 is the only comparable receiver to ever deliver this level of sonic performance. And, with Sunfire’s exclusive Tracking Downconverter™ technology, that power will be the coolest-running, most reliable, too.

The TGR-401 is the only receiver that accepts the Olé® Keypad by ELAN®, the most elegant multi-room, multi-zone controller ever developed. This optional accessory combines the expertise of Sunfire and ELAN, two of the most respected names in Whole House Audio. Need a few more 'onlys'? It's also the only receiver with a Via!migo™ iPod port, allowing connection to the world's most popular MP3 player.

In short, the TGR-401 is the best receiver to happen to mid-sized systems, and relegates its closest contender to a not-so-close second place.

VIAMIGO-SF - Cradle for TGR-401 and TGP-401
  • Provides a graphical interface of your library allowing you to browse your iPod through your TV using your 401-series remote control
  • View "Now Playing" information on your TV, as well as Ole-2SF touchpads connected to the TGR-401 or TGP-401
  • Attractive docking station also recharges your iPod battery
OLE-2SF - Film Interactive Touchpad for TGR-401 and TGP-401
  • Plug-and-play Zone 2 control for 401-series
  • PC Application for programming (including reconfiguring for main zone control)
  • Patent-pending Film Interactive Technology (F.I.T.)
  • Touch-sensitive photographic film and 2.1" Organic LED (OLED) display
  • Custom Sunfire "skin" matches the look of the 401-series
  • Custom Sunfire "skin" matches the look of the 401-series
  • Two-way feedback for VIA!migo, SIRIUS, AM/FM, and Zone status
  • Kit includes white, euro bezel
  • Other bezel color options (separate purchase) are Almond, Light Almond and Ivory
SC-H1P1 - SIRIUS® Pro Tuner Kit for TGR-401 and TGP-401
  • SIRIUS satellite radio tuner module
  • Power Supply
  • Weatherproof outdoor antenna
  • DIN cable for receiver/processor connection
  • RG6 to RG174 adapter cable
  • RF Splitter and terminator
  • Rubber cable boot
  • Mounting hardware
MRF-260 - RF base for THG-401 and TGP-401 remotes
  • RF operation provides up to 100' range
  • Addressable for up to 15 equipment locations
  • IR routing for discrete control of up to six of the same component
  • 2 fixed / 2 variable IR outputs
  • Integrated IR blaster for line-of-sight operation from up to 60'
  • Kit includes 6 emitters, mounting bracket, and power supply
SRK-200 - Sunfire 401-Series Rack Kit
  • For TGR-401, TGP-401 and TGA-xx01 series
  • Painted black "ears" with anodized blank plate
  • Completed kit fits into 4U rack space


Power Output (8 ohm, 20 Hz-20 kHz) 200W / Ch
# Channels 7
Tracking Downconverter Power Supply
4-ohm Stable
High Current, Low Impedance Design
Discrete Amplifier Output Stages
Protection Circuitry
Dual Banana Plug Compatible Speaker Terminals
Amplifier Topology Class A/B

Digital Processing

Automatic Room EQ
Sonic Holography
DTS-ES Discrete/Matrix 6.1
DTS Neo:6
DTS 96/24
Dolby Digital EX
Dolby ProLogic IIx
Dolby Headphone
Late Night Mode
Adjustable A/V Sync Delay
DACs 192kHz/24-bit
Crossover Adjustment 40-150Hz
Source Direct Mode (Bypass)
Input Volume Matching


Ole-XL® Film Interactive Touchpad 2 Ports
VIA!migo™ iPod Cradle
HDMI Switching Inputs/Outputs 3/1
HDMI Video Upconversion -
HDTV-Ready Component Video Input/Output
Component Video Upconversion
Assignable A/V Inputs
Video Inputs/Outputs 4/2
Audio Inputs/Outputs 4/2
Coaxial Inputs/Outputs 4/1
Optical Inputs/Outputs 4/1
Multichannel Input 7.1
Phono Input -
Assignable Front Panel Input (with Component)
Headphone Jack
LR2/Surr2 Configurable Binding Posts
CEA Colored Binding Posts
Removable IEC Cord

Preamp Outputs

Front L/R
Surround L/R
Surround Back

Tuner Features

SIRIUS-ready Satellite Radio
Number of Presets (SIRIUS) 40
Dynamic Noise Reduction (FM/AM)
Number of Presets (FM/AM) 40
Direct Access Tuning

Other Features

Display Dimmer
Power-On Volume/Source
Maximum Volume
On-Screen Display
Ethernet -
Software Upgradeable
PC Setup Application

Zone 2 Features

Powered Zone 2
"On-the-fly" Speaker Switching
Line Output for Second Source
Power-On Volume/Source
Maximum Volume
Bass Treble Adjustment
Balance Adjustment


RS-232 Control Port
IR In/Out 2/3
12V Trigger Output 3
Remote Control Backlit/Learning/Macro



Power Output (8 ohm, 1 kHz)
Front 200W + 200W
Center 200W
Surround 200W
Surround Back 200W
Sensitivity (for rated output) 355mV

Line Level Outputs

Sensitivity / Line Level (for 0.5V output) 125mV
Sensitivity / Frequency Response (+/- 0.5dB) 20Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity / THD < 0.03%
Signal to Noise (relative to 2V output) / Digital 105dB
Signal to Noise (relative to 2V output) / Analog 97dB
Separation (at 1kHz) 70dB
Tone Control / Bass +/- 10dB
Tone Control / Treble +/- 14dB


HDMI Resolution 1080p max.
Inputs/outputs 1Vp-p, 75 ohms
Component Bandwidth 100MHz, -1.5dB
S-video Bandwidth 18MHz, -1.5dB
Composite Bandwidth 6MHz, -2dB

FM Tuner

FM Range 87.5 - 108MHz
Steps 0.2MHz (USA model)
Usable Sensitivity (Mono) 1.6?V (75 ohms), 15.2dBf (75kHz DEV, 30dB)
50dB Quieting Sensitivity (Stereo) 31.6?V (75 ohms), 41.2dBf
Audio Output Frequency Range 30Hz - 15kHz, +0.5dB, -3dB

AM Tuner

AM Range 530 - 1710kHz, 10kHz steps (USA model)
Usable Sensitivity (30% mod., S/N 20dB) 16?V (600uV/m)
Signal to Noise (30% mod., 1mV input) 48dB

Trigger Outputs

Current Rating 500mA total


Power Consumption (120VAC, 50-60Hz) 200W typical
Dimensions (W x H x D) 17" x 5.75" x 16.5"
Net Weight 39 lbs
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