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High Back EMF, Trifilar Woofer
High Back EMF, Trifilar Woofer

Sunfire's unique "Trifilar" voice coil is actually 3 dual voice coils rolled into one. These innovative designs are more efficient and able to deliver up to an 80% increase in output. This means that the woofer can play very loud, much louder than typical designs. At the same time, our Trifilar drivers are also significantly lighter than standard multi-layer voice coil designs. This means that the driver responds very quickly - making drum kicks, and other percussive effects tighter and more lifelike. On the same note, having a lightweight woofer means that it has improved top-end response. This makes for smoother integration with the tweeter in the critical upper midrange, lower treble range - where much of the vocal information lives. Therefore spoken word sounds very natural - not muffled or tinny.

High Resolution Series Bi-Pole Surround - HRS-SAT4BIP

The HRS-SAT4BIP is the perfect timbre match to the HRS-SAT4 satellite speakers. A purpose-built, on-wall surround speaker, the HRS-SAT4 BIP features dual ring-radiating, silk dome tweeters that are acoustically optimized to provide an enormous soundstage. These tweeters are similar to those found in high-end European speakers costing many times more.

The low-profile cabinet’s curved sides are not only aesthetically rich, but make for a smoother wavelaunch and improved imaging compared traditional “box” speakers. A single 4.5" Kevlar woofer provides the dynamics need for today’s high-resolution sources, and features a one-of-a-kind "Trifilar" voice coil. This ultra lightweight, three-layer design delivers up to an 80% increase in output then compared to conventionally wound designs.

Perfectly matched to the HRS subwoofers, and the HRS-SAT4 and HRS-SAT4C loudspeakers to form a complete system
HRS-SAT4BIP can be wall-mounted, or placed on a cabinet or shelf. They can be used for surround, and surroundback applications
Two-way, high pressure design with fully-sealed enclosure, offers wide, diffuse rear/side channels for an enhanced home theater experience
4.5" High Back-emf driver
Dual 1" ring radiating tweeters
110 dB maximum output
200 watts maximum power
Magnetic grilles
Gold-plated spring terminals
High gloss multi-layer cabinet finish

Design 2 way, High Pressure
Drive Units HF: Dual 1-inch ring radiating tweeters, LF: 4.5-inch High Back-emf
Frequency Response 95 Hz to 30 kHz
Maximum Power 200 watts
Minimum Power 25 watts
Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 meter) 89 dB
Maximum Output 110 dB
Impedance 6 ohms nominal
Connections 1 pair of gold plated spring terminals
Dimensions (Maximum dimensions, including grille), Height 6.75" (171.5 mm), Width 10.0" (255 mm), Depth 4.35" (110.6 mm), Weight 7.0 lb. (3.2 kg)
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