About Sunfire

Unconventional thinking, exceptional innovation. 

Disruptive since 1994

Sunfire launched in 1994, but the unconventional thinking that drives our product design got its start years earlier with Founder Bob Carver’s unique solutions. Many of you are familiar with the story of Bob’s Coffee Can Amp, tested at a McIntosh amplifier clinic in 1971 to deliver 350 watts per channel. That’s right, in a coffee can. Unconventional? Absolutely, and talk about getting a jolt from your morning Joe.

coffee can


The unconventional thinking still guides the product philosophy at Sunfire. How else can we drive such big high-powered sound from such small cabinets? Visit our Science of Sunfire page to learn more. From the Tracking Downconverter amplifier design to high-back EMF woofers to the asymmetrical cardioid surround, this thinking leads to the world’s smallest, most powerful subwoofers. And it helps us design and produce equally impressive theater speakers. Sunfire continues to innovate high-end audio solutions thanks to the culture Bob Carver created and a team that still always seeks a better way to do things – even if it’s a bit unconventional.



Sunfire is a subsidiary of Nice North America.

Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Nice North America LLC (Nice) is a global leader in smart connected devices and systems for residential smart home, security, access control, AV distribution, and digital health markets. Nice and its partners have deployed more than 4 million connected systems and over 25 million security and home control sensors and peripherals.  Through its family of brands including 2GIG®, ELAN®, Gefen®, GoControl®, Linear®, Mighty Mule®, Numera®, SpeakerCraft®, Panamax®, Proficient®, Furman®, Sunfire®, and Xantech®. Nice designs solutions for national telecoms, big-box retailers, OEM partners, service providers, security dealers, technology integrators, and consumers. . 

The Dealers who sell and install Sunfire and other Nice products are our key partners in delivering best-in-class customer solutions. Our ongoing commitment is to delight them with exceptional customer service, innovative products and market-leading programs so that together we can deliver solutions to improve the lives and businesses of all Sunfire customers.